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Ostrich Bone

Ostrich Bone

Ingredients: 100% Ostrich Bone

Analytical constituent: Protein 80.04%, Natural Fats & Oils 3.52%, Ash 6.26%

Suitable for dogs over the age of 12 weeks.

Our JR Signature Large Ostrich Bones are 100% Natural Ostrich Bone. Simply Air-dried with No additives, No Preservatives, Nothing!

The perfect long lasting natural dental chew, they have a unique composition with an outer layer that peels and a honeycomb interior that crumbles when chewed. Amazing for both plaque removal & flossing teeth! Lightweight, they are suitable for dogs of all sizes and as they float too, they are great for water play.

Our responsibility sourced ostrich bones are totally natural, hypoallergenic, grain and gluten free, naturally rich in vitamins and minerals and almost completely odourless! These healthy and nutritious bones are super low in fat, high in protein which aids muscle and tissue repair and a great long lasting chew alternative for those pets allergic to commonly found meats such as chicken or beef.

Always feed under supervision.

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