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Buddy’s Bites UK is located in Lincolnshire, UK.


The inspiration for the business came from our own dog Buddy, hence the name. When Buddy was 2, his mum, Tia switched him onto raw food due to a sensitive stomach. This improved his health hugely, from a happier digestive system to a super shiny coat and a dog with much more energy! However, every now and then his stomach still gave him trouble... The additives and sugars in the shop bought treats were the cause!! After a lot of research Tia realised that there’s just no high quality, affordable selections of natural dog treats out there..
. And then Buddy’s Bites UK was born.


In January 2022 we launched Buddy’s Boutique! The products in this selection are all hand made by small businesses with the same goal as Buddy’s Bites - to provide affordable, high quality, 100% natural pet products that are kind to the environment.


As with Buddy’s Bites treats, all products and suppliers have been vetted by Tia and tried, tested and approved by our boy, Buddy. and his little sister, Issy.

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