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Naturally Shed Deer Antler
  • Naturally Shed Deer Antler

    Ingredients: 100% Deer Antler.

    Analytical constituent: Protein 37%, Ash 55%, Fat 0.10%, Fibre 2%

    Suitable for dogs over the age of 6 months.

    Antlers are naturally shed each winter and then picked up, cleaned, cut and sanded to ensure smooth non-sharp edges, and that's it! They are ideal for dogs that are keen chewers, helps re-direct destructive tendencies and anxiety into an acceptable outlet. They are highly nutritious, containing many beneficial nutrients and minerals including protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron while also being low in fat, they are suitable for dogs with pancreatitis or weight issues whilst still satisfying the dog's natural urge to chew. They are much less likely to splinter as the chewing grinds the antlers down slowly and they don't become slimy/sticky upon chewing and have virtually no odour so great for the house too!

    As with all hard chews, there is a possibility that antlers can break your dogs teeth. The risk factor can depend on a few things, such as your dogs age, their chewing style, and their body size. We have added photos of our antlers next to chicken feet so that you can choose which size antler would suit your pet best, based on this.

    Always feed under supervision. If the product shows sign of wear and tear, remove from your pet and dispose of it to reduce the risk of choking.

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