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Lamb Horn Marrow

Lamb Horn Marrow

Contains: 100% Lamb Horn Marrow

Analytical Constituent: Protein 46.94%, Fat 0%, Ash 25.51%


Suitable for pets over the age of 6 months.


With zero fat content, our Lamb Horn Marrows are suitable for dogs with pancreatitis or who are on a low fat diet. These are odour free and they will not become sticky or slimy making them an excellent choice to keep your pet occupied on rainy days inside. Dogs instinctively want marrow in their diets! It is packed full of healthy nutrients, vitamins, calcium and protein. Their primal tastebuds love it and chewing releases endorphins which help to relax stressed dogs.


Natural Dental Chew/No Additives/No Preservatives/Gluten Free/Grain Free/Naturally Hypoallergenic/Longer Lasting Chew


Always feed under supervision.

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