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B&R Fox Poo Doggy Shampoo Bar
  • B&R Fox Poo Doggy Shampoo Bar

    A variation on the B&R Dog Shampoo bar.

    The scent of Fox Poo is notoriously difficult to remove, so we worked with B&R to develop a shampoo to help get rid are of the smell.

    Made from only natural ingredients that are kind to your dogs skin.


    Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Goats milk, Olive oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Honey, Poppy Seeds, May Chang essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil.

    B&R use the ancient and traditional cold process method and all the soaps are completely handmade in small batches using fully natural ingredients. None of the soaps are tested on animals with the exception of the “Doggy Soap” which definitely has been! All of the soaps have been safety tested and fully comply with the Cosmetics Directive and EU regulations for selling (EC) 1223/2009. The fresh, unpasteurised Goats' Milk comes from a prize-winning herd of Golden Guernsey Goats based in a village five miles from B&R HQ. It’s "goat to soap" in just a few hours. Any fragrances used are essential oils, mostly for their therapeutic benefits, and are of the very best quality. Where they have exfoliators they use environmentally friendly products like oatmeal, pumice and seaweed. B&R do not use parabens, SLSs, artificial perfumes, microplastics, artificial preservatives or palm oil.

    Caring for your soap

    Handmade soaps naturally have a high glycerin content, which is great for your skin, but it also means that the soap needs to dry out between uses. If left in standing water, the soap will break down quickly and become mushy. To extend the life of your handcrafted soap, store it somewhere to dry out between uses, place it in a well-draining soap dish or rack.

    Cruelty free, natural, ingredients, sustainably sourced, eco friendly packaging and handmade.

    This product is made by Bundle and Rust, a small business based in Barton and run by a wonderful husband and wife team.

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