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Broken Bites Furry Rabbit Ears

Broken Bites Furry Rabbit Ears

Here at Buddy’s Bites we are all about reducing waste! So we have decided to sell bags of broken bits!

Approx 200g.

There is nothing wrong with these ears, they’re perfectly in date but they have failed quality control for being too small, broken, etc.

Suitable for pets over the age of 12 weeks.

Use these to top your dog or cats kibble, use for scatter feeding, training, scent work etc!

Rabbit is a great alternative to more commonly found meats such as chicken or beef. The fur helps with natural deworming, preventing anal gland issues and cleaning teeth.

Contains: 100% Rabbit

Analytical Constituent: Protein 46.6%, Fat 33.1%, Ash 2.0%

Always feed under supervision.

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